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Puppy by AixaRawr Puppy by AixaRawr
Drawing auction for pup number 8!
Litter page: [link]

Show name: TNK's The Darkest Fear
Call name: Jackson
Gender: Male
Fur Type: Silk
Base Fur Color: Black
White Markings: Irish collar and splashing
Ear Type: Deer/Prick
Eye Color: dark blue
Personality: Shy, Playfull with the rest of his brothers and sisters, clingy with its owner, he gets a little anxiuos when he is alone but perfect pup when he is with others. Chilled compared to our other two capos. Loving and really quiet. Loves to run freely with the other pups as long as he doesnt feel alone.
It was a winter day outside of the kennel, snow everywhere, cold days and extremly cold nights, thankfully all our pups were good around the house, all that training to be chilled in the house when they all were little and new in the kennel worked perfectly, we couldnt leave them in their kennels so we was bringing them all inside of the house they all were lovely, and so we enjoyed their company.

Watching the tv with the warm fireplace, a few dog beds and blankets bowls of water is all we all needed. Surrounded byour big family couldnt be better. It was nice to see how they all changed. Our already adults helping us to teach the little ones not to destroy or be anxious for the big change. We was good with that, even a few of our friends called us, they used to call us the Puppy whisperers, to try and help them with their newcomers.

Right in the morning we got a call from a friend, there was a puppy with some kind of shyness and anxiety. We was missing the playfullness the energy and the trouble maker pups around we needed more action the winter was long and most of boring season as we hardly could go out for those long walks. So we decided to go get ready we took our last teens, Chelsea and Alaia our Capos. Well behaved but still pups inside social with humans and other dogs. Walked out after giving the rest their food, making sure they were gonna be asleep while we was gone, we put them both in the car and drove to where the direction we got was.

Once arrived there we could hear at least 4 to 5 puppies as soon as we rang the bell. We got opened the door, we asked if it was there where the new litter were born and we asked if we could bring 2 of our pups in with us they agreed and happyly let us in. As we guessed 5 puppies came running to meet us they all were lovely a few stayed back and barked but one was looking towards us and smelling us from a few steps cautious. We kneeled down and let our dogs play around and meet the puppies, they went straight towards the shy pup. As the others were right on us playing licking and smelling us we got asked if we was interested in buying a pup. We went there to see them as our friend might be interested but that pup had a look in his eyes that caught us deeply is what we said. They said that they were gonna call us about it so we could think if we was gonna get him for us or for our friends, but more probably for us.

After a really nice afternoon right in there meeting the owners, the parents and the pups letting our teens play around with them as they were getting along so well we remembered. "We left all our pups inside the house!" We forgot about the time since it we were all having so much fun but we had to rush back home, expecting we were gonna get a call soon.

To be continued with the end as soon as we know the answer! and dont worry the pups didnt destroy anythign they were all fast asleep:3

Design by (c): *Meykka
Breed is closed (c) =CapoKing
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Cai-Nightscar Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
He's adorable :3
AixaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Isnt he!? too cute to be true! i cant wait to be able to draw them all again
Meykka Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he's yours <3
AixaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:O!!! Thank youuu!!! yayyys finally i can post his ref!
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January 25, 2013
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